Symposium  /  September 22, 2019  -  September 26, 2019

7th Optical Interconnect in Data Centers Symposium


  • Enabling the data center
  • Integrated photonics in the market place
  • Advances in integrated photonics
  • Where do we go next? Disruptive innovations

The symposium is focused on high-performance, low-energy and -cost and small-size optical interconnects across the different hierarchy levels in data centers. We intend to draw out and discuss the key technology enablers and inhibitors to widespread commercial proliferation of photonic interconnect in »mega« data center environments and how the optical interconnect community can collectively help to address these.

The topics addressed will center on passive and active embedded photonic interconnect technologies including optical circuit boards, polymer and glass waveguides, III-Vs, silicon photonics, photonic crystals and plasmonics in data centers.