Walk around  /  September 10, 2019

Start-A-Factory Reloaded

Hardware Tech Safari - Explore our full potential!


  • Start-A-Factory: Facts & Features
  • How to work with us
  • Tech-Safari: from idea to product

Fraunhofer IZM meets start-ups
Start-A-Factory (SAF) in Berlin is Fraunhofer IZM’s unique concept, space and tool infrastructure especially tailored to the needs of hardware startups. Within project-like cooperation, SAF start-ups are enabled to go quickly from idea to professional prototypes with state-of-the-art equipment, embedded in a network of IZM specialists and other supportive partners.

Get it started!
All components of Start-A-Factory are now fully installed and ready for use. The walk around event will give you a peek into the world of microelectronic hardware development, demonstrate the versatility and possibilities of Start-A-Factory and is an opportunity to meet like-­minded people.  

In the evening, the technological discovery tour will end with a get-together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Target Group: Hardware start-ups and potential partners in this ecosystem