Workshop  /  02/26/2019  -  02/27/2019

Wide-Bandgap User Training

Wide-bandgap WBG semiconductors are the next generation of power electronics. ECPE is currently cooperating with Japan on SiC and GaN based systems. This tutorial was initially prepared in the framework of the CLINT-WPE project to convey practical know-how to engineers working with SiC and GaN devices.

Efficient system integration is the key to exploit the full potential of WBG-semiconductors. Power electronics developers need to take into account that high switching speed and frequencies and high power density establish special demands on other system components.

This two day tutorial addresses itself to all aspects of WBG system integration – from the choice of semiconductor components to design options and how to cope with parasitics, EMC and inductance at high switching frequencies. Another topic is test methods – both for electric tests of new power semiconductor components as well as robustness and reliability of modules and systems.