Micro Materials Testing Lab

For the successful optimisation of the reliability of complex systems in the micro/nano range it is necessary to have knowledge about the failure behaviour of materials and of damage development.

In order to be able to precisely describe deformation, damage and crack behaviour of materials and composites, investigations are provided on stresses under the relevant operating conditions.

These include:

  • Static/dynamic testing
    Material testing for tension, compression, bending, torsion, fracture mechanics and finally grayscale image analysis(MicroDAC)
  • Microload equipment
    Measurements von tension-pressure, fibre tension, 3- and 4-point bending with microload equipment, in combination with grayscale image analysis (MicroDAC), REM, AFM, FIB, light microscope, and micro Raman
  • Material analysis
    Determining functional groups, mechanical behaviour of materials, quantitative analysis, stress measurements of materials with RAMAN spectroscopy
  • Nano-hardness testing
    Hardness tests for hardness and modulus, elastic and visco elastic behaviour and creep, scratch resistance and bond strength
  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM)
    Imaging of surface topography in combination with load modules, moisture, roughness
  • Thermal analysis
    Thermal changes in length and expansion coefficient, glass transition temperature, moisture swelling, cure shrinkage in combination with grayscale image analysis
  • Component assessment
    TherMOIRE analysis: 3D-Moire topography, deflection of large modules under temperature influences
  • Mechanical spectroscopy
  • Microscopy