Key Research Areas

Thermal Management

Thermisches Management
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The increased power losses and loss densities of microelectronic components, power modules and LEDs present an important challenge for designers: heat must be spread out and conducted away if a system is to operate reliably over a long operational lifetime.

The "Thermal Management" section develops and applies methods in order to provide innovative and efficient solutions for these problems.

Following methods are used:

  • Thermal simulation and optimisation
  • Thermal characterisation of thermal interface materials
  • Thermal package and system characterisation (using integrated sensors and IR-thermography)

These methods combined with the specifications of electronics systems, allow efficient and rapid simulations. The design can then be implemented and verified experimentally.

Achieving solutions requires close cooperation with other groups in IZM and project partners. This will also allow better coordination in order to reach other development goals (e.g. technological feasibility, costs, EMC, thermal management, energy consumption, or environmental impact).