Key Research Areas

Power Supplies for Miniaturized Systems

As distributed electronic systems become more miniaturized, the difficulty of ensuring adequate power supply grows. Our research group models and parameterizes the entire energy conversion chain, from the source to the applicable power conversion process and storage, right through to variable power loads. A key focus is power management, particularly the adaptive adjustment of dynamic loads. In wirelessly interconnected systems with self-sufficient power supplies (energy harvesting), these include the communication interface and components for condition monitoring. We also develop innovative concepts for the contactless recharging of energy storage units for miniaturized systems.

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Projects: Power Supplies for Miniaturized Systems

Proactive Power Management for Systems with Self-Sufficient Power Supplies (Autarkic)

The PECMES-project is developing a tool for designing energy autarkic microsystems with adaptive power management.


Here we are developing a sensor network that monitors engines and storage facilities in industrial environments. The sensor nodes collect the power required for operation from their environment and communicate wirelessly, making cabling redundant. Vibration sensors detect failures, for example in a paper factory, and alert a technical control center further on down the line.