Key Research Areas

Piezoelectric Power Supplies and Power Supplies with Integrated Magnetic Components

The size of magnetic components in conventional power supplies is simply too large to meet today’s demands for miniaturization. Solutions are offered by the improved topologies of LLC converters and magnetic components embedded in the PCB.  Furthermore, piezoelectric transformers are non-magnetic, extremely thin and have a small volume. At up to 25 watt, they are up to 96-98% efficient than conventional magnetic transformers, which only reach 90-95% efficiency,and make excellent flat, galvanically isolated power supplies with outstanding EMC and low power loss.  They deliver the maximum size-performance ratio in a wide range of power supply types, including for vehicles, lighting and related applications and modern communication devices and their significantly lighter weight is a boon for aerospace and aviation industries. With half the mass and a volume of up to 40% less than that of conventional power supplies, along with their thickness of just 5-10 mm, piezoelectric power supplies cost little more to design.
Our research group develops systems, components and electronic circuit and control technology, and designs integrated circuits (ASIC). We customize packaging technology to achieve EMC and thermal and electrical behavior required for our customers’ applications and advance know-how in this area in cooperation with other Fraunhofer IZM departments.

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Projects: Piezoelectric Power Supplies

Development of a Fast, 40 Watt 5kV Piezoelectric Power Supply for High-Voltage Applications (ESPINHA) - GERMAN -

Here we developed a 40 watt, 5000 V output voltage power supply with a volume of 13 x 7 x 2.5 cm that actuates electrorheological dampers. At the same cost, volume was reduced by more than 50% and weight by over 30% compared to the existing magnetic device.

Development of a Super-Flat Piezoelectric LED Inverter for Mass and Comfort Applications (ESPLIKA) - GERMAN -

In this project, we developed a super-thin piezoelectric LED inverter for mass and comfort applications.