Methods and Models

Our Modeling Speeds up the Development Process

Future development of technologically sophisticated products will not be able to do without system modeling. Our approach to model-based design ensures an extremely efficient development process. Many of our models are the result of broader system development projects, however we also develop parameterized models that address concrete design questions on order, which allow you to carry out your own model-based design in the future. We can even develop parameterized model libraries exclusively for your system components. Our parameterized models can make many different things possible. Current examples from industry include dimensioning the cabling required for a vehicle high-voltage battery without exposing passengers to excessive magnetic field levels, calculating the maximum transmission frequency of interconnect  when the required electromagnetic properties of the connected relay cable are factored in and the actual lifetime of an autarkic sensor when installed in a particular application. Of course, we implement these models in the ECAD or simulation system of the customer’s choosing.