Working Groups

Technology-Oriented Product Design and Characterization (PDC)

We help our clients navigate the entire product development process (PDC), from the initial idea through to the prototype. This involves the following design/development steps:

Concept development

The starting point of this first phase is a detailed description of the demands to be met by the product. Based on this information, a detailed analysis of the required system functions is carried out. Firstly, we develop a storyboard, which sets out the operational conditions and defines the required functions. The storyboard is then used to generate the system’s functional architecture, which comprises the product’s different groups of function. Finally, a design concept is produced, which provides an early indication of what the product will look like.


The system specifications are fed into the component and system design. Depending on the required complexity and application, different variations of functional and technology demonstrators are manufactured as part of this.  Even at this early stage, we produce 3D models that factor in the actual planned system components.  As a final step, lab assemblies (functional prototypes) are manufactured to verify the product functionality, the applicability of the technology approaches and the intended overall build volume.

Developing Electronic Housing

A key research and development task is designing and producing ergonomic electronic housing solutions. Control and display components, antennae, sensors and actuator technology have to be integrated into a finite, miniaturized build space, while at the same time ensuring operating reliability.


In the implementation phase, the demonstrator is developed to prototype stage and a product sample is produced in close cooperation with the user or client. As part of this, certification and product approval are also obtained.