Working Group - Radar Frontends & Modules

We focus on the optimized design and characterization of RF/millimeter-wave radar modules using the M3 approach (methods, models, measures). Based on the application requirements, the implementation concept is developed in conjunction with the M3 approach. This consists of hardware, packaging and test concept. In the implementation phase, the influences of the packaging technologies and their process variations on the system properties are already taken into account at the beginning of the development process. This avoids re-design iterations, which helps to shorten development time and reduce development costs.

We are your partner for:

We provide the following R&D services:

  • Development of hardware architectures of radar frontend modules for
    • Automobile and autonomous driving
    • Transportation (e.g., trains)
    • Home automation
    • Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Design, test, characterization and optimization of radar frontend modules at microwave and mmWave frequencies, considering signal and power integrity aspects
    • Highly integrated FMCW radar modules
    • Coherent /Incoherent MIMO radar systems
    • Active/passive positioning detection by means of secondary radar
  • Design, test, characterization and optimization of miniaturized wireless charging modules

Project KameRad



How do you develop the best radar systems in the world?

Creating the best radar systems in the world for the application in question is an ambitious undertaking, But Dr. Christian Tschoban and Paul Perlwitz from Fraunhofer IZM are working on nothing short of that goal.



Drones for logistics

Developments in recent years have clearly shown how drone technology evolved from experimental test setups and one-off solutions into a tool that can be used on a regular basis. The next step is now to move from adapting standard drones for specific applications to seeing systems holistically when working towards comprehensively optimized system solutions.


Research Project AI Radar

AI-powered radar solution for safe autonomous driving

The AI Radar consortium is developing a highly miniaturized multi-sensor module and AI algorithms that increase the spatial resolution for autonomous vehicles and enable early hazard identification and analysis.


Research Project OMNICONNECT

3D object tracking and locating using 60 GHz radar

Fraunhofer IZM has developed a miniaturized MIMO radar system, integrated into an LED ceiling lamp, capable of recording and evaluating motion profiles and locating people and objects in a room.


Download | Research Project AKIRA-UTM

Automated traffic control by drone sensing


Download | Research Project DAYSI

60 GHz radar for combined gesture and position tracking