R&D services in the field of application-specific high-speed modules, packages & boards

  • Investigation of suitable packaging technologies for development of cost-effective and application-specific high-speed modules, packages and boards:
    • RF frontend modules for wireless communication interfaces (e.g. for 5G, 6G) of end devices and systems
    • High-speed interposers and System-in-Package (SiP) modules in accelerator cards for high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data workloads
    • High-speed boards with PCI-Express interface (e.g. PCIe 5.0) for multi gigabit-per-second (Gbit/s) data communication in HPC and AI based systems
  • Design and test of RF frontend modules and their building blocks for wireless communication interfaces (e.g. for 5G, 6G) of end devices and systems
    • Integrated antenna arrays (e.g. phased arrays, MIMO arrays)
    • RF frontend modules
    • Packaging platforms (e.g. AiP, SiP) for system-integration of RF frontend ICs and components
  • System-level signal and power integrity driven design, measurement and validation of high-speed interposers, boards and modules for HPC, supercomputers and data centers
    • Interposers (e.g. silicon, glass, organic) and SiP modules with high-speed, high-bandwidth and low-latency interconnects
    • Data communication links/channels in high-speed boards and backplanes with PCI-Express interface (e.g. PCIe 5.0)
    • High-speed modules including chiplets, processors, memory and PCIe interfaces for HP
  • Design, test and integration of electronic bandgap (EBG) structures in electronic packages and boards for noise reduction and isolation improvement as well as for hardware security applications