Key Research Areas

Integration & interconnection of components on biocompatible polymer substrates

Technologies for Bioelectronics
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Neural implants require a number of components to operate long-term in a closed-loop manner, but fabrication is complicated by the use of flexible substrates and the high reliability and safety standards associated with implantation. The Technologies for Bioelectronics Group strives to develop flexible platform technologies to enable the integration and interconnection of a variety for components in soft polymer substrates. Flip-chip bonding and embedding techniques are investigated to integrate rigid components such as thinned ICs and ultrasound transducers. Sputter deposition, electroplating and plasma etching are used to form metallic interconnections between components and electrodes, which can interface with tissue. Lithography techniques are used to achieve highly miniaturised and precise devices.


Working Group

Technologies for bioelectronics

We design and fabricate active neural interfaces.