Key Research Areas

Fiber optic gyroscopes

Inertial sensors are used to measure rotations with high accuracy and high precision for industrial applications as such automotive and aerospace. Fraunhofer IZM researches and develops integrated optical gyroscopes for high accuracy rotational sensing. Such configurations of interest are interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes and integrated optical gyroscopes based on 3D optical microresonators.


Research Project IMUCOMPACT

High accuracy & lightweight GNSS/ IMU unit for cargo drones

Photogrammetry combines 2D and 3D images to convey physical information, e.g. from monitoring wind turbines to visualizing buildings and industrial plants as a basis for state monitoring.


Integrated Optical Gyroskope (IOG)

The aim of this project is to realize an integrated optical gyroscope to be used in small satellites. The most important aspect is the reduction of the mass and the volume of the sensor (gyroscope).