Key Research Areas

Photonic packaging


EOCB - Electro-optical circuit board

Electro-optical printed circuit board have embedded thin layers of glass with integrated optical waveguide arrays. Low loss optical single and multi mode waveguides are manufactured by an ion exchange technology using commercial available thin glass sheets.


Polymer assembly and structuring technologies for optical and fluidic applications

In its work on polymer-based optical packaging and interconnection technologies, Fraunhofer IZM investigates technologies and processes for constructing photonic assemblies by gluing and polymer fiber bonding and the structuring of polymers by hot stamping.


High-precision assembly of micro-optical components

Automated assembly and alignment of micro-optical benches and assembly platforms; laser beam forming.


Optical fiber processing

Optical fibers with different geometries and spectral operation from UV to MIR can be processed to create radial-firing fibers, fused couplers, lensed fibers, bundles, fiber caps, 3D resonators, bended fibers, connections of fiber-to-chip & fiber-to-GRIN lens, etc.


Optical sensors

At Fraunhofer, small optical sensors based on optical fibers and optical microresonators are explored in fields of aerospace, gas detection and medical diagnostics.


Ground-breaking flip-chip technology for LED modules

LED-based illumination has many advantages and vast application potential across all areas of life. However, the packaging requirements of LED chips are radically different to those of conventional lighting solutions.



LED design – assembly – characterisation

From the beginning of solid state lighting IZM was involved in LED development. Assembly processes for LEDs with highest power and power density were developed as well for LEDs in harsh environment or just to make mass production more reliable but cost-effective, too.





Thin glass based photonic system integration

Glassbased substrates can be thin glass layers on large panels or more mini-bench-like boards that can be embedded into organic printed circuit boards (PCBs). Optical fiber interconnects, connectors, and electrical–optical integration platforms with embedded optical waveguides are used for higher level system integration.

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