Chip- and Wirebonding

The group Advanced Chip & Wire Bonding has fully automatic die and wire bonders available for all wire bonding methods. Apart from wedge/wedge bonding (Ø 17 – 75 μm) using stan- dard AlSi1 or specially coated Au wires at room temperature, our group has comprehensive know-how in ball/wedge bond- ing at room or elevated temperature using ultra-thin wires and alternative materials such as Cu. The possibilities for bonding of heavy wires (125–500μm) and ribbons up to 2 mm are used above all in power applications. All substrate types are bonded, including chips, PCBs, ceramics and leadframes.


  • Process development and technology consulting
  • Demonstrator and small series production + prototyping
  • Damage case analyses and quality assessment
  • Lifetime and aging tests
  • Feasibility studies
  • Training

Application areas:

  • Power electronics
  • RF applications
  • Chip-on-board technologies
  • Sensor applications
  • Photonic applications, opto-electronics (laser, LED, ...)
  • Multi-chip modules
  • Flex substrates