Long-term reliability test setup

Large-scale, long-term accelerated reliability tests of encapsulated small implants

img - Long-Term Reliability Test Setup
Overview of the test setup
img - Long-Term Reliability Test Setup
Complete system
  • Accelerated conditions for aging tests
    • Lifetime estimation from experimental data
    • Investigation of failure mode(s)
  • Monitoring of samples and environment
    • Investigation of degradation before failure
    • Controlled experimental conditions over a long period
  • Parallel testing of small or large sample batches
    • Monitoring up to 96 samples
    • Comparison of different samples and/or aging conditions
img - Long-Term Reliability Test Setup
components of setup, (a) row module and test tube with sample (b)
img - Long-Term Reliability Test Setup
Impedance measurement of a test samples
  • Air humidity-, water level- and temperature sensors monitor environment
  • Heat tank maintain samples at elevated temperatures (heat stess)
  • Different aging voltages can be applied, alternating, DC or application-specific waveforms (voltage stess)
  • Impedance analyser for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Samples are stored in individual test tubes