Process and Product Development

Silver sintering

The demands on electronic and mechatronic systems are increasing steadily. Today, such systems are even expected to operate reliably at temperatures of up to 300°C. Silver sintering is an ever more popular means of achieving this and represents an alternative to conventional solder processes in power electronics.

Research and development

Our research and development into sintering is currently dominated by the following topics:

  • Large-surface sintering
  • Optimization of sintering under reduced pressure
  • Sintering of SMD-compatible components
  • Extending sintering to non-noble metal surfaces in controlled atmospheres

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Methods and equipment

A wide variety of analysis approaches are available to qualify materials and methods for sintering. These include light microscopy, SEM, X-ray analysis, ultrasonic microscopy, active load cycling and passive temperature cycling.

Furthermore, Fraunhofer IZM provides assistance for:

  • Selecting carrier substrates and suitable finishes
  • Process optimization
  • Quality monitoring and assurance
  • Reliability analysis

The institute’s equipment and infrastructure includes lab presses with forces of up to both 10 kN and 300 kN, stencil and screen printers, pick&placers and bonders, as well as equipment for the metallization of surfaces.