Coating system CREAMET 600 Cl2 S3

CREAMET 600 Cl2 S3
Coating system CREAMET© 600 Cl2 S3

With the coating system CREAMET© 600 Cl2 S3, at Fraunhofer IZM Berlin,  different substrates with a maximum of 5 mm thickness and a size of up to 610x456 mm² can be metallically coated. Variable layer sequences can be realized based on up to three simultaneously applied metallic coating materials. The coating takes place in a high vacuum by means of high-energy cathode sputtering in an argon-plasma environment (DC sputtering). An integrated RF plasma module admits a variable surface conditioning of the substrates using oxygen- and argon-plasma.

This process gives the produced layers their excellent properties, especially with regard to substrate adhesion, layer-homogeneity and electrical conductivity.

The highlight of CREAMET© 600 is the most gentle holding of the samples: the substrates are placed only on narrow base rails on the by 5 degrees inclined substrate-holder, being transported vibration-free during the process.

Using a two-chamber system of loading and processing, fast process times and high process-purity can be realized, since the process chamber always maintains a high vacuum, and the loading chamber can be very quickly vented and evacuated back to the process-pressure through a gate valve by the high-vacuum pumps running on high revolution.

Features of CREAMET© 600

  • Available coating materials (targets):
    aluminium, copper, tungsten titanium alloy and chromium, nickel-vanadium
  • Suitable substrates:
    • All non-gas-emitting or particles-emitting substrate-materials
    • Panels with size up to 610x456 mm² and wafers up to 450 mm of diameter
    • All usual formats (A5, A4, A3, A2, Euro-format, PCB full format
  • DC-Sputtering with capacities up to 6000 W, only one coating material can be deposited simultaneously.