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Deposition & structuring of thin-film metals and ALD-ceramics

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Implantable electronic devices require robust and reliable interconnections between internal components and to the living tissue. In the Technologies for Bioelectronics group we offer a multitude of methods for realizing such interconnections on a variety of soft and rigid substrates including:

  • Sputtering - CREAMET© 500 S3
    • Pulsed DC magnetron sputtering of Au, Pt & Ti
    • Sample surface treatment via RF plasma or DC glow discharge.
    • Up to 200 mm wafer processing
  • Gold Electroplating
    • Variety of substrates up to 200 mm wafer
    • Soft flexible gold for flex circuitry
  • Etching
    • Wet etching of Au and Ti
    • Reactive Ion Etching of Au and Ti
  • Maskless Lithography & Adaptive Alignment
    • Patterning for high density line/space
    • Flexible and adaptive pattern design for rapid prototyping
    • Soft and rigid substrate compatible

The best solution will ultimately depend on the specific use case, so feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Working Group

Technologies for Bioelectronics

We design and fabricate active neural interfaces.