Hybrid Photonic Integration

Phototonics have established themselves as an essential pillar of modern and efficient lighting, ultra-high-speed data transmission and processing, and modern sensor technology for environmental, traffic, industrial, and medical applications. Our expertise covers packaging and interconnection solutions for photonic and optoelectronic systems, especially regarding the integration of Optoelextronix, CMOS and MEMS, including their miniaturization and reliability in diverse practical applications.

The integration of electronics for control and signal processing functions facilitates a close interlinking of different semiconductor technologies and calls for new packaging and interconnection technologies in order to meet the electrical and thermal requirements as well as securing the optical functionality. This is particularly the case with optical transceivers for terrabyte range or with imaging & display applications with high pressure for miniaturization and resulting high power densities, such as adaptive lighting with high resolution headlights.

Focus 3D integration for photonics

  • Silicon and glass interposers with electrical feedthroughs (Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) /Through Glass Vias (TGVs)
  • 3D integration of active electronic and photonic components (TIAs, Drivers, VCSELs, DFB-laser, modulators, photodetectors and LED chips)
  • Microbumping and thin film wiring for HF-compliant signal routing
  • Flux free assembly based on AuSn and SnAgCu soldering or thermocompression bonding using gold-gold and nanoporous gold
  • High placement accuracy by self-alignment soldering or by the use of precision bonder allowing efficient coupling of photonic components to optical waveguides
  • Precision tilting in Flip chip assembly of VCSEL diodes and photodetectors for efficient optical coupling in grating coupling structures
  • Hermetic, vacuum-tight encapsulation with glass or silicon lid
  • 3D embedding technology for semiconductors in silicon interposers with efficient thermal management and HF-compliant signal routing for planar photonic modules
Optical interposer with self-adjusting photonic IC for High Performance Computing (CarrICool)
Pixelized LED chips on a matrix-control-IC (section) and cross section of a pixel connection

R& D Services

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