Photonic & Plasmonic Systems

„Photonic & Plasmonic Systems“ covers the variety of photonic topics of consciously changing data and telecommunication. Starting from simulation up to the electro optical characterization of systems and modules. Based on the long term experience in large national and international projects and the coordination inside the institute new challenges can be addressed quickly, solved or delegated.

One topical focus are off-chip-interconnections with low latency, high bandwidth, and high integration density, as those will be the future. To solve this 3D system-in-package solutions have to be enhanced by optical layers (PICSiP). For a successful approach aspects as photonic, electrical data transmission, RF and HF, thermal and thermomechanical, and compatibility of materials must be taken into account in the scale of microns or even less.

We do:

  • Simulation of photonic und plasmonic components and systems
  • Process development for polymer waveguides
  • Complete characterization chain for modules and systems (PhoxLab)
  • Coordination of large projects