Sensor Development and Integration

Micro-mechanical sensors are gaining increasing importance in application areas e.g. automotive, entertainment, industry especially due to their small form factor, light weight and lower production costs. Fraunhofer IZM offers a complete development – from requirements, concept, manufacturing of sensor elements to packaging and test – of sensors for the measurement of physical parameters e.g. pressure, acceleration, force, gas concentration. For the realization of micro-mechanical sensors, different physical semiconductor effects can be used of to achieve a sufficiently high sensitivity and satisfying linearity.


Low-pressure high temperature SOI sensor
SOI based pressure sensor for measurement up to 400°C
Schematic of pressure sensor

Focus of Research

Pressure Sensors

  • Miniaturized pressure sensors (measuring range 1-400 bar, operating temperature up to 125°C)
  • High pressure sensors (measuring range up to 1000 bar, operating temperature up to 125°C)
  • High temperature sensors (measuring range 1-750 bar, operating temperature up to 350°C)
  • Low pressure sensors (measuring range < 100 mbar, sensitivity area µV/VkPa, operating temperature up to 125°C)

Acceleration Sensors

  • High-G acceleration sensors up to 60.000 g
  • Precision accelerations detection for motion recognition with high sensitivity and good linearity performance

Gas Sensors

  • Detection of VOC gases with SiC-based heating platforms
  • Detection of CH4, H2, NO2, CO and C02 with metal oxide sensor layers

R& D Services

With in this research field, the department WLSI offers a broad spectrum of services. For specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Sensor design
  • Reliability and lifetime optimization
  • Standard and customer-specific packaging with integrated sensor data processing e.g. TO8,  packages with  media separation, molding
  • Characterization of pressure (10 m-100 Bar), gas and acceleration sensors (up to 40 g)



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Research Group „Silicon Microsensors“

The Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW) and Fraunhofer IZM work together to advance research into microsensors.