Feature Topics


System in Package

For the realization of electronic systems three different technological approaches are available; integration on a chip (More More) or in a component (More than Moore) as well as the integration in a package (system-in-package or heterogeneous integration).



Modeling and monitoring in power modules reduces cost. Expected lifetime can be predicted more accurately and the appropriate maintenance measures can be taken. Thus, modules no longer have to be oversized and high costs caused by production losses or even damage to machinery due to un-expected failure can be prevented.



The research area “reliability” is particularly significant at Fraunhofer IZM, as different materials with diverse thermal, mechanical and thermomechanical properties are used in the packaging process.

Smart Grid

In just a few years, electricity distribution as we know it will transform radically. This quantum leap in power management requires innovative solutions in power engineering, measurement and control electronics and IT.


Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber physical systems might sound like it belongs in a science fiction novel, but in fact it has the potential to change our economy to the same extent as PCs did. Abbreviated to CPS, cyber physical systems is our future - a future in the physical world of machines, equipment and devices is networked with the virtual world of the internet or cyberspace.

Internet of Things & Big Data

One striking feature of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the unprecedented level of data being generated around the clock. Efficient collection, identification, transmission and storage of information will pave the way for new applicatioms, such as connected and autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance, smart factories, smart energy, smart health and smart cities. 


5G and Millimeter-wave-based RF Systems

The millimeter-wave (mm-wave) band offers enormous bandwidth that is unparalleled compared to the spectrum available for most wireless communication and radar senor systems today.


Reducing Time to Market

Lighthouse Projects

With its lead projects, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft sets strategic priorities to develop concrete solutions that benefit Germany as a business location. The topics are geared to the requirements of the economy. The goal is to quickly turn original scientific ideas into marketable products. Fraunhofer IZM is involved in the following lead projects:



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