Facts & Figures

Financial situation

2022 was a year of growth and consolidation for Fraunhofer IZM. The Institute managed to again increase its revenue, growing by 2.8 percent to €39.6 million. Over the year, Fraunhofer IZM covered 75.5 percent of its operating budget with third-party funds. All in all, externally funded projects increased to a volume of €29.9 million.

Public funding for projects increased to €14.7 million, representing an increase of 9.1 percent over the previous year. These public projects often produce new insights and expertise that can be built on and used in later commercial projects on industrial applications.

Earnings from work with domestic and industrial industry partners and associations remained stable at €15.2 million in 2022. This means that Fraunhofer IZM covered 38.3 percent of its operating costs with direct commercial projects.

Overview of facts and figures*

  • Founded in 1993
  • 3 sites in Berlin, Dresden/Moritzburg, Cottbus
  • Staff of 430
  • Turnover of approx. 39.6 million euros
  • 75.5% contract research

*As of 2022

Investment in facilities

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In 2022, €3.3 million of the Institute’s assets were used for hardware replacement and maintenance investments. These were used to improve the facilities of Fraunhofer IZM with several targeted investments and to improve the efficiency of the established facilities.

A further million Euros was spent on several smaller construction projects, introducing changes and specific improvements to optimize the performance of the Institute and comply with current health and safety requirements.

With the support of the State of Saxony, expansion work continued on the Dresden site of the Institute, with Fraunhofer IZM investing €2.6 million for the purpose in 2022. The aim of this project is to upgrade the research infrastructure in Saxony for 300mm 3D wafer-level semiconductor integration as a development platform for hardware components and quantum computing applications.

HR development

The positive trends in external funding mean that the workforce at all IZM sites in Berlin, Cottbus, and Dresden/Moritzburg could be increased to 301 people.

Fraunhofer IZM offers students many opportunities to combine their degree courses with applied scientific work in the offices and laboratories of Fraunhofer IZM. At the end of 2022, 121 student interns, bachelor and master dissertation researchers, and undergraduate assistants were placed at Fraunhofer IZM.

Fraunhofer IZM is committed to offering vocational training to young people. In 2022, eight apprentices were in training as microtechnologists, surface coating specialists, and office management assistants.