Facts & Figures

Financial situation

2021 represented a year of successful growth for Fraunhofer IZM. The previous years’ investments in the Institute’s facilities and equipment were used effectively to expand its research and development services for commercial partners. Revenue from German and international enterprises and industry associations increased by a full 11.1 percent to € 16 million. This enabled Fraunhofer IZM to cover 41.6 percent of its expenditure with revenue from external commissions. Publicly funded projects amounted to € 13.5 in project volume, representing a 13.5 percent growth over the previous year.

At a full € 38.5 million, the revenue of Fraunhofer IZM grew by 2.4 percent. Fraunhofer IZM covered 79.8 percent of its operating budget for 2021 from external proceeds. In total, projects of a volume of € 29.5 million were made possible with external funding.

Overview of facts and figures*

  • Founded in 1993
  • 3 sites in Berlin, Dresden/Moritzburg, Cottbus
  • Staff of over 438
  • Turnover of approx. 38.5 million euros
  • 79.8% contract research

*As of 2021

Investment in facilitie

The Institute invested € 1.5 million of its own funds into equipment upgrades and maintenance work. These investments were made specifically to improve the facilities and equipment of Fraunhofer IZM in a considerable number of detailed initiatives and to increase the efficiency of the existing infrastructure. 

A further € 2.0 million were used to cover various small-scale construction projects. These include targeted improvements and changes designed to reinforce the capabilities of Fraunhofer IZM and to comply with new HSE requirements.

With the support of the State of Berlin, construction started on the Berlin Quantum Packaging Labs, with a total of € 3.4 million in funding. The development of the Bio Sense Labs was similarly supported with an additional € 0.9 million in funding from the State of Berlin.

HR development

The staffing levels of Fraunhofer IZM continue to reflect the positive development in the Institute’s project work. A total of 298 members of staff were employed at the IZM sites in Berlin, Dresden / Moritzburg and Cottbus.

Fraunhofer IZM offers students an opportunity to combine their studies with applied scientific work in the offices and laboratories of the Institute. By the end of 2021, 132 student interns, bachelor and master degree candidates, and student assistants had passed through the Institute. Fraunhofer IZM remains committed to its ethos of training and developing the professionals of tomorrow.

In 2021, eight apprentices were in training in roles ranging from microtechnologists to office management assistants.