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Fighting pest insects with lasers: The system’s focusing and deflection unit.
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CAD model designed by BTU and Fraunhofer IZM for the combined camera and laser system on their carriage in an “open-case” demonstration cell. The system was de-signed to fit the enclosed test cell at the JKI. Right: Actual components of the insect laser.
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Introducing Agriphotonics: Smart laser systems and AI-driven image recognition for a digital agriculture 4.0

The “Insect Laser” project was set up to test a combined laser and image recognition technology developed at Fraunhofer IZM for pest control in grain stores. The Julius-Kühn Institute of Berlin, with its renowned crop protection specialists, provided the initial concepts and acted as project coordinator, while the Brandenburg Technical University at Cottbus took charge of image processing and machine vision / machine learning.

The project managed to demonstrate the real-life viability of the new technology for identifying and fighting insect infestation. Although originally trialled only for wheat weevils, Sitophilus granarius, and Indianmeal moths, Plodia interpunctella, the chosen components, design, and processes for the system make it easy to adapt the laser and its operating software for other common pests.

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The integrated lasers can fight meal moth and wheat weevil infestations with targeted heat that avoids any unwanted increase in the temperature of the grain or the wood floors.
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The LabView interface for managing the components in the test cell set up at Fraunho-fer IZM.
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The interface programmed by Fraunhofer IZM for translating the identified infestation coordinates into operating instructions for the combined laser-scanner unit.

Project information

Duration: September 01, 2017 – March 31, 2021

Funding reference number: FKZ 2814904215

Sponsored by:
Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Project management: Federal Office for Agriculture and Food



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