Plenoptische High-Speed-Kamera
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A gamechanger for industrial failure analytics: The plenoptic high-speed camera developed by Fraunhofer IZM.

Researchers at Fraunhofer IZM have teamed up with TecVenture, Optrontec Inc., and KAIST to produce an innovative and robust high-speed camera with a multi-lens and polarization filter array for images with an extended depth of focus.

Capturing 2000 images per second with a native resolution of 1280 by 864 pixels, the camera outperforms its conventional counterparts by a factor of 10 and makes it possible to analyse even extremely fast critical processes in industrial production or research with pinprick detail. The electronics that make this feat possible were miniaturized with cutting-edge embedding technology to make the camera system compact, but also rugged enough for the tough conditions prevalent in industry.

Project information

Duration: Juyl 01, 2018 – February 28, 2022

Funding Code: ZF4530402PR8

Project Partners

  • TecVenture GmbH
  • OPTRONTEC Inc., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)


Tiny package, greater depth

A plenoptic high-speed camera designed by Fraunhofer researchers.

Researchers at Fraunhofer IZM have joined forces with TecVenture, Optrontec Inc., and KAIST to create a high-speed camera fitted with a unique multi-lens array that can capture images with a far greater depth of field than its conventional counterparts.

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