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The passive tags can be seamlessly integrated into everyday objects like garments, and ceiling-mounted radar modules track the location and movement of the tags.
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Radar and passive tags can be combined to locate and connect objects in everyday life or even objects and people moving in interior contexts. The researchers on the OmniConnect project are using so-called secondary radar to share not only data about the location and movement of an object, but also additional information that can be used to connect the objects in a virtual network.

Only 25 square centimetres in size, the highly integrated systems employ frequencies in the 60 GHz range. They are completely harmless for human beings, and the passive tags need to separate power supplies. One definite use case for the electronic systems would be their application in old-age care contexts.

Project Partners

  • Informatikforschungsinstitut OFFIS
  • HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH
  • Netz-Werker AG 

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Radar beams for networking and localizing everyday objects

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