Webinar  /  October 28, 2021, CEST

Introduction to Multi-Project Fan-out Wafer- Panel Level Packaging


Multi-project wafer processing is an established approach in semiconductor manufacturing for fast and low-cost prototyping. This idea is now transferred to fan-out wafer level packaging one of the latest trends in microelectronics packaging. Here dies from different sources or different technologies with varying thickness and size can be handled and packaged with one integration technology. This offers a path to a well adopted and advanced technology, especially for RF applications.

Fraunhofer IZM is a leading innovator in this field of advanced packaging and is now offering FOWLP for prototyping and low volume in the frame of EUROPRACTICE as multi-project wafer run. This enables access to the advanced technology for low, shared cost.

This webinar highlights the basic technology approach as well as some of the recent developments and applications.