Conference  /  October 28, 2019  -  October 30, 2019

MikroSystemTechnik conference 2019

The 8th MikroSystemTechnik conference, titled MEMS, Microelectronics, Systems, will take place from October 28 to 30, 2019, at the ESTREL Hotel in Berlin. It is a joint event being held by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies and is chaired by Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lang, the Institute Director of Fraunhofer IZM.

The conference is the largest German-language event in electronic and microsystems and is an important platform for networking, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers a comprehensive overview both of the current state of research and development in electronic and microsystems in Germany and of international trends. The conference is also of interest to school and university students who would like to find out about career opportunities in high-tech future technologies and who want to enter the COSIMA and Invent a Chip competitions.

An accompanying exhibition will also present the latest products, devices, and developments. Fraunhofer IZM will be showing current trends from electronic packaging at the trade fair.