Workshop  /  03/15/2018

Reliability is no accident! Design, Material, Technology, Simulation, Test

Modern electronic packaging combines a vast range of components (chips, sensors and actuaors, micro-mechanical and micro-optical components etc.) with diverse means for system integration (different substrates, interconnections, packages). For the resulting mixed microsystems, the trend towards functional versatility, miniaturization, and increased real-world resilience often means that all possible types of materials (metals, organic and non-metal inorganic, or composite materials) have to come together in the tiniest of spaces.

This combination of different materials creates new challenges for typical stress scenarios, such as those caused by thermal cycling. Potential consequences include fatigue cracks in metals, forced fractures in chips, ceramics, or glass, or delamination, for instance at the interfaces between polymer and metal surfaces. This problem – the reliability of modern mixed microsystems – will be the focus of this event.