Workshop  /  06/12/2018  -  06/13/2018

Photonic Packaging: Sub-micron Assembly

Photonic integration is driven today both by the increasing demand of bandwidth in data communication for IoT and the interconnected micro-devices itself. Furthermore miniaturization in lightening and projection techniques, and a wide variety of optical sensors require new concepts to reduce cost and guarantee reliability. Photonic packaging is crucial and includes single packages, modules or subsystems comprising at least one optoelectronic device or micro-optical element and optical interconnects.

We see that there are many challenges to be taken by OEM manufacturers, suppliers and service assemblers to face the specific challenges regarding very tight tolerances. Sub-micron accuracy has to be achieved and maintained during operation.

Thus the Photonics Packaging Workshop at Fraunhofer IZM Berlin focuses on such sub-micron automated assembly technologies for optoelectronic and photonic integration on board, package and device level.