Fraunhofer IZM at the PCIM

Nürnberg, /

For the 5th time Fraunhofer IZM was exhibiting at PCIM, the trade fair for Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion in Nürnberg. The focus of the presentation has been on current IZM-research results and development trends from the realm of power electronics.

The institute presented an innovative current-compensated choke for 200A which was manufactured fully automatically instead of having to be wound by hand. We also introduced an active leakage current compensation unit whose functions included preventing the FI switch activating during charging of an electric car. Also featured was a demonstrator for measuring the chip-junction temperature during operation and an inverter prototype that controlled a motor, integrated in the blade root of a helicopter rotor.

 A further research area was combining good electrical and thermal properties of TIM (thermal interface material) layers in power electronic assemblies, especially in circuit board assembly. The first results of this research were presented at PCIM.

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