Fraunhofer IZM at the LOPE-C Conference and Exhibition

Frankfurt, /


From June 23-25, 2009, the LOPE-C Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention took place in Frankfurt, organized by the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A). Fraunhofer IZM’s Polytronic Systems Department participated in the event in the framework of its activities in the Fraunhofer MAVO Group Smart Plastics.

At the conference Prof. Karlheinz Bock of the Fraunhofer IZM Munich branch gave a talk on ‘Organic and Large Area Electronics (OLAE) Systems Integration on Foil’. The presentation focussed on:

  • Hybrid fabrication process for organic electronics
  • Backround systems integration on foil substrates
  • Selective large area structurization and nano
  • Nanotechnology in OLEA

Together with the Fraunhofer MAVO Group ‚Smart Plastics’ Fraunhofer IZM’s Polytronic Systems Department also participated in the concurrent exhibition. Highlights of the presentation were a foil-based touchpad and different electroluminescent displays developed at Fraunhofer IZM.

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