Workshop: Micro-Mechatronics – The technology of tomorrow

Berlin, /


The talent school is part of Fraunhofer’s program to encourage up-and-coming researchers. At regular intervals, Fraunhofer scientists host a variety of workshops for young people interested in technology and discussing current scientific questions.

In November 2010, the Fraunhofer Micro-Mechatronics Center (MMZ) in Bavaria invited talented youngsters to learn more about the integration of sensors and actuators in robots, vehicles and machine elements. It was the third time the Center had hosted the workshop. What is micro-mechatronics really? How does the holistic design of electronics and mechatronics work? MMZ Director Dr. Frank Ansorge answered these and many other questions using examples and case studies. In two practical workshops supervised by MMZ scientists, the teenagers picked up soldering irons to help assemble the MMZ IR BOT, a µ-processor controlled robot. Together the participants individually programmed their MMZ robot and learn about the interplay between sensors and actuators.


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