Best Paper Award for Florian Ohnimus at the LAPC 2010

Loughborough, /

Florian Ohnimus of Fraunhofer IZM was awarded the LAPC 2010 Best Paper Award for his his paper “Design and Characterization of a Small Encapsulated UHF RFID Tag for Wood Log Monitoring”. The 6th Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference took place on November 8-9 in Loughborough and is the most prestigious antennas conference in the UK.

Ohnimus received the award at the end of the conference from Prof.Raj Mittra, member of the steering committee. He took this opportunity to thank his co-authors of Fraunhofer IZM and TU Berlin Julian Haberland, Christian Tschoban, Ivan Ndip, Katja Heumann, Christine Kallmayer, Stephan Guttowski und Klaus-Dieter Lang for the excellent team work. “The award shows how important cooperation between experts in technology, design and simulation is to achieve innovative results in this field“.

The paper presents research results from the project „Intelligent Wood – RFID in Wood Log Monitoring“. In the framework of this project, Ohnimus and his colleagues are responsible for the development of new UHF TFID tags.

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