‘LCA to go’ chosen as a ‘Werkstatt N’ sustainability project of 2016

Berlin /

The Council for Sustainable Development, appointed by Germany’s federal government, has awarded the ‘Werkstatt N’ sustainability seal to the ‘LCA to go’ project of Fraunhofer IZM.

The road towards a truly sustainable society will still be long and not without its hurdles and rough patches. Oftentimes, the technology and expertise are still missing to identify and define the real problems along the way. One crucial first step in the direction of true sustainability is to know the eco footprint of products, work processes, and entire business operations. For small to medium-sized enterprises, producing a reliable evaluation is a challenge that few can handle on their own.

As part of the ‘LCA to go’ project at the Fraunhofer IZM, dedicated web tools have been developed to help enterprises in many sectors of industry produce a comprehensive eco account of their products and business models in no more than half a day’s work. The insights gained in this fast process pave the way for even more improvements and for better communication with clients and business partners. More than 100 companies have already realized these benefits of ‘LCA to go’, including Fairphone and MicroPro.

For more information about LCA to go and the Werkstatt N quality seal, go to:ökobilanzen-für-kleine-und-mittlere-unternehmen (German)


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