Lillehammer-Award 2002

Thessaloniki, /

Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin was honoured with the Lillehammer Award 2002 for its contribution within the Eureka Project E!1689 CARE Materials & Ageing.

The Award was presented to Hansjörg Griese, head of the department Environmental Engeneering, and Dr. Urs Sennhauser, EMPA Switzerland, in a ceremony at the Eureka ministerial conference in Thessalonica, Greece.

Every year Eureka recognizes the contribution made by a project to improve Europe's environment, developing sustainable solutions to the problems of waste and pollution.

Zur Forschungsgruppe am IZM gehören H. Griese, A. Middendorf, J. Müller, N. Nissen und H. Pötter.

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