Online-Session  /  October 24, 2023, 16:00 - 16:45 CET

Materials for RF Applications: Quo vadis?

#1 session of series »Materials for electronic innovations«

The ongoing miniaturization and advancement of high-frequency electronics poses new challenges to the materials applied in the systems, particularly since operating frequencies of almost all high-frequency applications are continuously increasing. The issue is especially evident in dielectric materials, which include substrate materials such as laminates or ceramics, epoxy mold compounds, underfillers, RDL polymers and many more. A prevailing trend is the development of materials with low permittivity values and, above all, low dielectric losses.

The online-session will provide an overview over current and future high-frequency applications and their target frequencies and discuss the interaction of the different material classes with guided waves as well as with radiation. The impact of the material properties on interconnects and components will be discussed in depth. Furthermore, characterization methods will be presented which allow for fast screening during material development on the one hand or detailed and application-specific characterization on the other hand.