Online-Session  /  January 30, 2024, 16:00 - 16:45 CET

Power Electronics – Strategies for High Volume Production and Cost Reduction

#1 session of series »Powering the Future - Innovative Technologies for Power Electronics Modules with SiC and GaN Semiconductors«

Scaling up production numbers, increasing efficiency and reduction of resource use are the key factors to tackle the upcoming challenges for power electronic prod-ucts, which are derived from the requirement to decarbonize our way of living. For the design of power electronics this on the one hand results in using automated production and assembly methods. On the other hand increasing lot sizes to divide the cost of each manufacturing step to more devices is another measure.

This presentation introduces this strategy with an On Board Charger for electric vehicle (OBC) as example. A 22kW bidirectional OBC is implemented using inductors and transformers with PCB based windings and SMD components only, resulting in a power density of 7kW/l. Adaption of the converter topology is the key to enable this as well innovations in the geometry of magnetic cores. Elevated engineering skills in electromagnetic optimization and parasitic effects handling are required, too.