Key Research Areas

PECMES - design tools for energy autarkic systems

Energy autarkic condition monitoring systems (CMS) will soon facilitate condition-based maintenance of machines and equipment. The demands on CMS are high: manufacturers and operators of industrial machinery are expecting robust, multisensor systems that do without maintenance and can automatically adapt to any given environment.

As part of the project “PECMES” (Proactive Power Management for Energy Autarkic Systems), we have developed new power management approaches and design tools for innovative CMS. Our goal was improving the power consumption of these systems, such that they can harvest energy from their operating environment.

The developed technology includes tools for automating the algorithm-based energy analysis. Combining these with modeling of the energy supply chain simplifies the task of designing measurement systems for energy efficiency. We also developed a SystemC-based framework that supports energy aspects in the simulation of distributed energy autarkic sensor systems and a software analysis tool that helps the developer select efficient microcontrollers.

The project was completed in November 2011, however, the results have since been fed into numerous bilateral projects with partners from industry.


Funding body and grant numbers

The project is funded by the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)’s ProFIT program (Program for the Development of Research, Innovation and Technology), backed by the Land Berlin and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).