System Development

Thanks to our techniques, models and extensive range of equipment and facilities, we can stand at your side throughout the entire development process - from concept design to series manufacturing.

System Concept Development

At this stage of development, we put together a diversely skilled team of experts to analyze the planned system features. The analysis includes a storyboard, depicts how the system is planned to be used and the necessary features. We then produce a block diagram based on these features, in which the different functions are combined into groups. This information is subsequently used by the design team to develop a design concept for the planned system, providing the first visible shape to the product.

Technology & Functional Demonstrators

Innovative packaging technology opens up new possibilities in many different application areas. The possible risks inherent in groundbreaking development is best evaluated with demonstrators that mimic the conditions the technology undergoes in the actual application. Depending on the complexity and application in question, a number of different functional and technology demonstrators are developed, which are then used to verify the system and circuit design and assess the selected packaging technology’s suitability.


During the implementation phase, we develop the prototype based on the already existing demonstrators. At this point the customer encounters for the first time the fully functional system that meets the product specifications. The prototype is the starting point for any further optimization or the transfer into series manufacturing with the relevant certification and approval testing.

Transfer into Series Manufacturing

We also help companies with final step in system development – transfer into series manufacturing. As a research institute, we do not have the capacity for full-scale manufacturing. However, we provide our many years of experience with companies of all different sizes to our customers in get in touch with suitable manufacturers. As part of this, we transfer the prototype into an end system that has been optimized for series manufacturing. Here, we orient ourselves to the spectrum of technologies and services provided by the manufacturer selected by the client.

Technology-Oriented Product Design and Characterization (PDC)

We help our clients navigate the entire product development process (PDC), from the initial idea through to the prototype. This involves the following design/development steps.