Key Research Areas

Antenna in Package Development

Antenna in Package Entwicklung

Antennas are core components in wireless communication and radar systems. Due to the increasing operating frequencies (millimeter-Waves and sub-terahertz frequencies), integrated antennas for so-called antenna-in-package (AiP) modules are becoming more and more relevant. The higher frequencies are needed to address the demands for increased data traffic and improved object recognition.

By use of the AiP concept, all passive and active components can be integrated in one platform by applying different packaging technologies. To that end, we design, investigate and characterize the applied antennas and also optimize the complete signal path between antennas and other components in the package such as front-end transceiver devices and other passive components.

We develop different types of antennas for dedicated applications and investigate, analyze and optimize the antenna performance for different packaging concepts. The properties of all involved materials and interconnects are considered as well. At IZM we are equipped with extensive measurement devices for the characterization of antennas, includes network analyzers for S-parameter measurements and two anechoic chambers to determine the radiation pattern both, the near and far field up to 325 GHz. Various methods are available to contact the antenna structures: connectors, GSG probes and excitation via waveguides. The necessary matching structures between measurement equipment and antenna are also developed in house.

In addition to the development of application-specific antennas, our focus is on the determination of the total number of required antenna elements by link budget analysis for base stations of different mobile communication networks such as 4G, 5G as well as 6G scenarios in the sub-THz range, for satellite communication systems for LEO, MEO and GEO (ground and space segments) and also for radar applications like autonomous driving.


Selected Publications

Le, Thi Huyen, et al. "Compact Wideband Antenna-in-Package Based on PCB Technology for 39 GHz 5G mmWave Applications." 2022 16th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP). IEEE, 2022. | more info

Le, Thi Huyen, et al. "Wide Band Dual Polarized Antenna Array for 5G mmWave based massive MIMO Base Station Applications." 2022 24th International Microwave and Radar Conference (MIKON). IEEE, 2022. | more info

Le, Thi Huyen, et al. "Design, Fabrication and Measurement of FOWLP-based Series-Fed Antennas for 6G D-Band MIMO Applications." 2022 IEEE 9th Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference (ESTC). IEEE, 2022. | more info

Dehkordi, Saeid K., et al. "Sub-TeraHertz Modular Array Layout Optimization Under Fabrication Constraints." 2022 Joint European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G Summit (EuCNC/6G Summit). IEEE, 2022. | more info

Le, Thi Huyen, et al. "Dual-band 5G antenna Array in fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) technology." 2020 23rd International Microwave and Radar Conference (MIKON). IEEE, 2020. | more info



Cost-effective packaging for radar sensors

Ein Beispiel für die Vorteilhaftigkeit von Einbetttechnologien ist der neuartige Aufbau von Hochfrequenzsensoren, wie er derzeit in einem Konsortium aus Unternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen entwickelt wird. Im Zuge der Weiterentwicklung von Fahrerassistenzsystemen kommt Radarsensoren auch für aktive Sicherheitsfunktionen zunehmend Bedeutung zu.


Key Research Areas

Fan-out Wafer- Panel Level Packaging

Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) is one of the latest packaging trends in microelectronics. FOWLP has a high potential for significant package miniaturization concerning package volume but also its thickness.



6G Is Right around the Corner

With a Larger Selection of Materials to Enable High-Performance and Cost-Effective Hardware.


Working Group

Communication Module Development

The Communication Module Development Group explores how materials interact with high-frequency waves, including established packaging materials like conventional circuit boards and extending to other materials not primarily meant for packaging, but used in the automotive or communication sectors.