Working Group Micro Energy Storage & Smart Power

Electro chemists, material scientists and physicists are cooperating with electrical engineers to develop optimized micro power supplies for various research projects of the Fraunhofer Institute. In addition the group takes advantage of the numerous IZM capabilities of 3D wafer level and advanced printed circuit board technology to develop novel concepts of micro energy storage and energy harvesting. The research focus is on integrated rechargeable batteries as buffer storage for energy autarkic systems, micro fuel cells, hydrogen generators and energy harvesting. Numerical simulations are part of most of the R&D projects. For testing and characterization purposes, the group has a well-equipped battery and fuel cell test laboratory where tests for external partners are carried out as well. The group also offers consulting services for all kinds of electrochemical storage systems.

Additional laboratories are equipped with facilities for the development of hydrogen generators. Electrochemical research and processing of materials for lithium ion batteries can be performed in argon glove boxes. The group filed more than 30 patents in the area of micro energy systems.

Micro Energy Systems
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Projects relating to Micro Energy Storage & Smart Power


Fraunhofer IZM leads the FP7 MATFLEXEND project (2013 – 2016), which will provide wearable, flexible energy harvesting and storage devices that can be manufactured in a low-cost printing process, and durable materials for such purpose.



Flexible batteries for tomorrow’s applications