Key Research Areas

High-performance power electronics

System design | Simulation | Embedding technologies for SiC and GaN semiconductors


Semiconductor components made of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) offer the advantage of high switching speeds. Power semiconductors are used in a multitude of inverter systems – for example, in traction inverters for electric vehicles.

The researchers at Fraunhofer IZM have many years of experience in both processing with embedding circuit board technology and the design and customized development of power electronics modules with power semiconductors based on silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon (Si).

Inside view (model)of a 90A embedded power module (HHK project)
© Fraunhofer IZM | Volker Mai
Inside view (model)of a 90A embedded power module (HHK project)

The benefits to you

  • Direct contact and professional interaction with our expert network
  • Access to and use of the high-tech infrastructure (laboratories and cleanrooms) of the institute
  • Knowledge and development advantages over competitors

Our services

  • Embedding of power semiconductors – SiC, GaN and Si – in the build-up layers of circuit boards
  • Use of leading-edge circuit boards
  • Extremely compact modules with short circuit tracks to allow high switching frequencies
  • Modules for optimized integration or connection to heatsinks
  • Modular design of complex power electronics systems

Our solutions

  • Switching technology and prototype design with wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors
  • Control of power electronics assemblies, especially of WBG semiconductors
  • EMC-compliant design with modelling and simulation of electromagnetic interference at system level
  • Development of EMC concepts, filters, and shielding
  • Test and characterization of prototypes in our own laboratory

What we offer

  • Design of prototypes for testing and assessing reliability
  • Manufacture of small series of WBG semiconductors, housings, and modules
  • Support for transfer to series production in Europe

Fraunhofer IZM is involved in publicly funded projects and industrial cooperation agreements with leading vehicle manufacturers and the companies that supply them in the area of embedding circuit board technology for SiC and GaN semiconductors.

We try out and test electronic components and parts for the automobile industry in accordance with AEC-Q standards.

Sample of projects


In the joint European project, which is running until 2024 and is coordinated by Fraunhofer IZM, the use of wide bandgap semiconductors for the next generation of electric vehicles is being investigated. The aim of the project is to develop an efficient, integrated charging unit for electric vehicles with an output of 22 kW.


Together with its industrial partners Porsche and Bosch, Fraunhofer IZM has developed more efficient inverters for electric cars. The SiC semiconductors in the transistors increase the e-vehicle range by up to 6 percent.


With the automobile component suppliers Bosch and Vitesco, Fraunhofer IZM has developed an SiC inverter module for high-performance electric engines. This is the first power module for electric and hybrid traction applications based on silicon carbide in motorsport.


In cooperation with Bosch and Porsche, Fraunhofer is currently developing a 3-phase drive inverter with a continuous output of 720 kW and a rated current of 900 A.



Electrification in the fast lane

How silicon carbide is driving power electronics forward

The new generations of semiconductors with a wider band gap (WBG), such as silicon carbide (SiC), have the potential to put electric mobility in the fast lane.