Equipment Substrate development

Ausstattung Substrat-Fertigung
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The substrate line at IZM enables the production of flexible substrates in sheet sizes up to 60 x 40 cm2. In addition to polyimide as a typical substrate material, thermoplastic materials (TPU, PC, LCP) are increasingly being used, as well as materials that are particularly suitable for medical applications (e.g. Parylene, LCP). Subtractive and semi-additive patterning processes are used for copper conductive traces, allowing for 10 µm lines/space to be achieved.

Working Group

System on Flex

The research group System on Flex at Fraunhofer IZM focuses on advancing the fields of flexible hybrid electronics, stretchable electronics and electronic textiles (smart textiles). The goal is developing innovative solutions for various applications. The group focuses on developing scalable manufacturing processes for flexible, stretchable and textile electronic systems.