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Hardware security

No chain can be stronger than its weakest link: This old adage still applies in the digital world, where even vast sums spent on software security will never guarantee holistic security for the entire system.

The world is experiencing an unprecedented explosion in the number of connected devices, and the current trajectory shows no signs of slowing down: Studies suggest that the number of devices connected to the web will pass the threshold of 60 billion units by 2024. The Internet of Things is entering ever more areas of our lives and connecting our cars, houses, offices, and even our bodies in a vast network of constant communication.

This growing network is also creating new attack vectors for cyber-criminals. Recent developments have revealed a continuous increase in the number of cyber-incidents. One particularly critical factor is the growing number of personal and highly sensitive data that is being shared, making an attractive target for scrupulous actors.

Complete security can only be an option if comprehensive hardware security is ensured as well. The digital world needs true end-to-end protection concepts that begin with the hardware to prevent IP theft, manipulation, and cyber-attacks.
Our technologies facilitate the improvement and evolution of hardware security.

They include:

  • Wireless sensor networks for hardware-based encryption and key pre-allocation during production of individual sensor nodes
  • Tamper detection sensors: Active mesh, temperature, X-rays, FIB
  • Reliable and energy efficient power supply for active countermeasures
  • Zeroization
  • Sealing of wafers under a glass layer for the automatic destruction of chip structures after tampering attempts
  • Shielding of packages from EM fields and internal photo emissions to ward off side-channel attacks
  • Integration of security features in communication busses
  • Invisible printed circuits
  • Hardware safety integrity
  • Photonics

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