Workshop  /  April 09, 2024, 10:00 - 17:00

Photonic Integrated Circuits – from Platform to Packaging

Integrated photonic circuits are becoming a major innovation core in various application areas ranging from classic telecom and datacom to optical wireless, Terahertz, LIDAR/ RADAR, life science and medicine. Over the past 20 years extensive efforts have been dedicated to establish the analog of electronic IC platform technologies in the photonic domain. Today, PIC technologies are accessible at low cost in a variety of material systems on the German and European market. These technology platforms provide a large degree of convenience for potential PIC users, including process design kits, design automation tools, and multi-user logistics. Despite a much-reduced threshold in the area of PIC manufacturing, the question for users remains how to tackle a PIC based development, in particular with respect to packaging.

The ITG-Workshop will address this multi-faceted problem space by gathering experts of the entire spectrum of PIC manufacture and packaging providing their respective perspectives on the PIC application arena. Ample opportunity will be given to discuss possibilities as well as challenges for potential users of the PIC ecosystem.