Event Review


IMAPS 2023

San Diego, California, October 2023

AGRARSENSE kicks off at Fraunhofer IZM

Berlin, January 2023


Fraunhofer IZM returns to the expo circuit

Exhibitions 2022

Online workshop »Drone Technology in the Logistics Industry«

Berlin, November 2022

Celebrating a successful ESREF 2022

Berlin, September 2022

4. Panel Level Packaging Symposium

Berlin, September 2022

On your bike! IZM staff pedaling for a better climate

Berlin, June 2022

Launch of the New Semiconductor Research Center in Dresden

Dresden, June 2022

PCIM Europe, SMTconnect, Sensor+Test

Spring 2022


Online seminar eHarsh

Berlin, December 2021

Launching the Textile Prototyping Lab

Berlin, November 2021

Reliability of electronic systems

Berlin, November 2021

Returning to the MST Convention

Ludwigsburg, November 2021

»Drones for Logistics« workshop bundling Fraunhofer competences

Munich, November 2021

Multiproject fan-out wafer level packaging

Berlin, October 2021

A farewell to Professor Klaus-Dieter Lang

Berlin, September 2021

Stadtradeln – Cycling against climate change

Berlin, September 2021

Fraunhofer IZM chosen as one of Berlin’s iconic Zukunftsorte

Berlin, March 2021



Berlin, October 2020

Electronics Goes Green 2020+

Berlin, September 2020

Panel Level Packaging
Kick-off meeting

Berlin, February 2020

Fraunhofer IZM at the embedded world

Nürnberg, February 2020

Fraunhofer IZM at the 3D SUMMIT 2020

Dresden, January 2020

International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2020

Salzburg, January 2020


3rd PLATE Conference was a big success!

Berlin, September 2019

Start-up assistance for hardware start-ups

Berlin, September 2019

To Mongolia by bike in 21 days

Berlin, August 2019

IZM research at SMTconnect and PCIM 2019

Berlin, May 2019


High-Tech from Berlin

Berlin, November 2018

Technology Day at Fraunhofer IZM

Berlin, September 2019


Founders‘ Garage

Berlin, November 2017

»High-Tech from Berlin«

Berlin, November 2017

Panel Level Packaging gaining momentum

Berlin, November 2017

»From Package to Application«

Berlin, September 2017

Unveiling the “Research Factory Microelectronics Germany”

Berlin, July 2017

Fraunhofer IZM at PCIM 2017

Nürnberg, May 2017

Fraunhofer IZM at SMT 2017

Nürnberg, May 2017

Official opening of the Fraunhofer »Center for Digital Transformation« in Berlin

Berlin, March 2017 

Science Campus Berlin 2017

Berlin, March 2017


AMA Seminar on “Autonomous Wireless Sensors”

Berlin, November 2016

4th Optical Interconnect in Data Centers Symposium

Berlin, November 2016

COB-SMT Combined Assemblies: Practical Guidelines

Weßling-Oberpfaffenhofen, November 2016

Polymers in Microelectronics: From Adhesion to Aging

Weßling-Oberpfaffenhofen, October 2016

Drone Berlin 2016

Berlin, October 2016

Electronics Goes Green 2016+

Berlin, September 2016 

2nd Summer School on Optical Interconnects

Scotland, August 2016

Panel Level Packaging Consortium

Berlin, June 2016

Launching the Microbattery Prototyping Line

Berlin, March 2016

Smarter World Tour: IoT Truck visits the Fraunhofer IZM

Berlin, June 2016


Workshop Secure high speed-data transfer

Berlin, December 2015

Workshop Reliability in Power Electronic Packaging

Berlin, September 2015

AdaptSys - Research & Development Center to Deliver the Microelectronics of Tomorrow

Berlin, September 2015

Research Network »Functional Integration in Micro and Nanoelectronics«

Dresden, June 2015

Fraunhofer IZM with numerous contributions at the ECTC 2015 in San Diego

San Diego, June 2015

Fraunhofer IZM at PCIM Europe 2015

Nürnberg, May 2015

Girl's Day 2015

Berlin, April 2015

Symposium and Reception

Berlin, December 2014

Smart Systems Integration 2014 in Vienna

Vienna, March 2014

IZM ASSID showcases recent research results at European 3D TSV Summit

Grenoble, January 2014

VDMA and Fraunhofer IZM present Automotive Electronics at Productronica 2013

Munich, November 2013

Happy Birthday, Fraunhofer IZM!

Berlin, November 2013


Dresden, October 2013

Fraunhofer IZM at PCIM 2013

Nürnberg, May 2013

Fraunhofer IZM Organizes the Future Packaging Production Line at SMT 2013

Nürnberg, April 2013

Electronics for Harsh Environments at SMT 2013

Nürnberg, April 2013

Fraunhofer IZM/ASSID presents its activities at the “European 3D TSV-Summit“

Grenoble, January 2013

IZM stay ahead of the pack – brainy and sporty

Berlin, November 2012

Smart Textiles – fashionable and practical

Munich, October 2012

Electronics Goes Green!

Berlin, September 2012

Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID debut at Dresden’s 2012 Long Night of the Sciences a resounding success

Berlin, June 2012

Fraunhofer IZM presents system-in-package technologies at SMT 2012

Nürnberg, May 2012

Fraunhofer IZM presents current trends in e-mobility at the PCIM

Nürnberg, May 2012

Smart Systems Integration 2012 in Zurich

Zürich, Switzerland, March 2012

SMTA Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium:

USA, February 2012

Workshop: Miniaturized Electronics for Medical Products

Berlin, November 2011

Workshop: Flexible Technologies

Berlin, November 2011

PRODUCTRONICA 2011 – Knowledge transfer at the highest level

Munich, November 2011

Over 100 participants at Trends in System Integration

Berlin, October 2011

ZVE’s 30th anniversary – grounds for celebration!

Oberpfaffenhofen, October 2011

Fraunhofer IZM: terrific scientific AND sporty!

Berlin, June 2011

Getting the dirt on the cleanroom at Long Night of the Sciences

Berlin, May 2011

Workshop: Customized packaging for electronics and sensor technology

Berlin, May 2011

Fraunhofer IZM at the PCIM

Nürnberg, May 2011

Smart Systems Integration 2011 in Dresden

Dresden, March 2011

IZM organizes the first international Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) conference

Berlin, March 2011

Workshop: Micro-Mechatronics – The technology of tomorrow

Berlin, November 2010

Workshop in Munich on energy-autarkic sensor networks

Munich, November 2010

3. Electronics System Integration Technology Conference ESTC in Berlin

Berlin, September 2010

Fraunhofer hits the pavement for the 9th Berlin corporate marathon

Berlin, September 2010

Packaging Day 2010

Berlin, July 2010

5th European Conference „Safety and Security Systems in Europe“

Potsdam, June 2010

Fraunhofer IZM presents substrate manufacturing line at SMT 2010

Nürnberg, June 2010

Fertigungslinie „Future Packaging“ auf der SMT

Nürnberg, June 2010

10. Girls’ Day: Encouraging up-and-coming young researchers

Berlin, April 2010

Smart System Integration 2010 in Como

Italien, March 2010

Fraunhofer IZM at Laser Optics Berlin 2010

Berlin, March 2010

TSB Technologiestiftung event at Fraunhofer IZM

Berlin, March 2010

Chemical silver - cost-effective and reliable finishes for the next generation of circuit boards

Berlin, November 2009

PRODUCTRONICA 2009 – Knowledge transfer at the highest level

München, November 2009

Seminar on autarkic wireless sensors a success

Potsdam-Bablesberg, October 2009

Congress Mikrosystemtechnik

Berlin, October 2009

1. Elektronik ecodesign congress

München, October 2009


Dresden, October 2009

Trends in system integration Key topic for 2009: Reliability tests using combined loading

Berlin, September 2009

IZM Researchers Participate in Open Day at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Berlin, August 2009

Talent Take-Off – young scientists visit Fraunhofer IZM

Berlin, August 2009

Quick off the mark – Fraunhofer IZM at the “Sport and Lifestyle” forum

Nürnberg/Starnberg, July 2009

Fraunhofer IZM at the LOPE-C Conference and Exhibition

Frankfurt, June 2009

Fraunhofer IZM at the EMPC 2009

Rimini, Italien, June 2009

Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) 2009

San Diego, May 2009

Fraunhofer IZM presents its reliability know-how at SMT 2009

Nürnberg, May 2009

Ninth nationwide “Girls’ Day” – discovering Fraunhofer IZM

Berlin, April 2009

My type of job? Career day at Fraunhofer IZM

Berlin, April 2009

Fraunhofer IZM presents new developments at the embedded world exhibition in Nürnberg

Nürnberg, March 2009