Online event | Expert Session Series  /  February 23, 2021, 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Dielectric characterization of Materials and their impact on Interconnects for High Frequency Applications & Package Design

Speaker: Oliver Schwanitz
The characterization of electrical properties of materials (permittivity & loss factor) plays a key role in the design of entire RF packages and their corresponding interconnects in the entire system.  While the determination of these parameters in the range below 1 GHz is still relatively easy using capacitive probes, the extraction of these parameters for the range 5G and higher poses a particular challenge. In this range, the electric field is no longer decoupled from the magnetic field due to the frequency and thus an electromagnetic wave is present, so other methods are required. One is e.g. a cavity resonator for the frequency range of 10 GHz - 26 GHz or a quasi-optical bank for the characterization of the range of 40 GHz - 170 GHz. In addition to the extraction process of the parameters, the materials change their electrical properties over time due to environmental influences such as temperature and humidity, which can lead to entire system failure. It is therefore necessary to know these effects from the beginning of the package design.