Online event | Expert Session Series  /  May 18, 2021, 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm CET

Green Electronics – our Required Contribution to Global Environmental Goals

More and more companies are setting climate neutrality goals, and countries and regions have been strengthening their committments over the last weeks. While the electronics industry is not among the biggest contributors to climate relevant emissions, we have to drastically improve within the industry, while at the same time help other sectors to decarbonize. The goals set by companies trickle up the supply chain and now affect more suppliers of components, and indeed the development of new technologies.

This webinar addresses the global perspectives on combatting climate change, and the specific contributions that electronic systems and electronic technologies can and should provide. Guiding through the different levels of electronic systems we will introduce concepts like carbon footprinting and life cycle analysis with relevant examples.

Whether you are new to environmental topics or already involved professionally - we are looking forward to the exchange and discussions.

This webinar is organized together with IEEE EPS TC Emerging Technologies.